Make a Gift


"A stone thrown into a pond makes ripples. An act of service cast into the world does much the same. The beauty of its full reach will always stretch far beyond our line of sight."


Our Challenge

All people deserve the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life regardless of their financial situation.

 Our Solution

Through the Y Partners campaign, the Monroeville Area YMCA serves people who cannot afford the price of a facility membership, a class or a program; by seeking donations to make participation possible for all.

The YMCA has a strong commitment to our mission of “Building healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.” This commitment is vital as our county and surrounding areas experience tremendous growth, which also brings the need to expand programs and services to support our children, families and community. The YMCA meets these challenges through our Y Partners Annual Campaign. Y Partners provides the much needed program scholarships to those who qualify for a helping hand. Your support makes it possible to fulfill our commitment to provide great programs and services for all, today and tomorrow.

 How You Can Make A Difference

By supporting the Y Partners Campaign you are encouraging people of all ages to participate in programs and activities that instill the positive values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith.

Additionally, you are laying the foundation for our future. Your continued support of the campaign helps to ensure that new YMCAs are built, and quality programs are expanded to reach all children and families in Monreoville and surrounding communities.  Our campaign allows us to provide quality services, programs and membership to all regions of our service area.

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