Membership Application & Rates


How to become a member of the Monroeville Area YMCA:

  • Step 1- Decide to become part of the Y Movement 
  • Step 2- Select your membership type
  • Step 3- Print and Fill out the Membership Application 
  • Step 4- Bring the Membership Application to Member Service desk


Joining Fee
Monthly Bank draft











Single Parent Family










Senior Adult





Senior Adult Couple 






*The joining fee is a one time non-refundable charge (with continuous membership) paid separately and put into a special funds account.  If  you cancel your account as long as you rejoin within 2 months, you will not be charged another joining fee when you reactive your account.



  •  Adult is considered 18 years and older. 


  •  Student rate is considered 23 years and under with proof of school enrollment.  If a  student is 18 to 23 years of age,  they must bring proof of enrollment at the beginning of each semester or their membership will become inactive at the end of 4 months. 


Single Parent Family:

  •  Single Parent Family is considered divorced, widowed legal guardian and children living in the same household. 


Family :

  •  Family includes a couple legally married by Alabama Law and dependent children under the age of 18. (Proof or verification may be requested).  Full time college students under 23 will be included in the family membership if his or her permanent address is the home address and verification of college enrollment is provided at the time of joining.  Grandchildren, nieces, nephew, etc. are not to be included in family membership unless head of household has legal custody of child/ children.  If this is the case, verification must be provided. 


Senior Adult:

  • Senior Adult is considered 62 years and older


Senior Adult Couple:

  • Senior Adult Couple is considered when one spouse is 62 years or over. 


*All Fees are Subject To Change With A 30 Day Written Notice*



Payment Method

Membership Dues are paid through monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) on the 1st of each month. The Join Fee is assessed to new members and those whose memberships have lapsed for 60 days or more. Memberships that are drafted monthly through the EFT program are set as a continuous membership. Accepted payment methods include checking accounts. While memberships can be cancelled at any time, there is no end date on a monthly membership. Cancellations must be received 30 days prior to the last day of the month in order to stop the membership draft for the following month. Returned payments will be assessed a $30 returned payment fee, for checking/savings transactions. 

The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.  “By participating in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program, I agree to release the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, and its independent and autonomous member associations in the United States and Puerto Rico, from claims of negligence for bodily injury or death in connection with the use of YMCA facilities, and from any liability for other claims, including loss of property, to the fullest extent of the law.”     


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