Personal Training

Your body deserves a unique fitness regime tailored to you. At the Y, our certified Personal Trainers can assist you in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals through one-on-one settings.

How can a Personal Trainer help you:

  • Rev up an exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout
  • Break out of your fitness plateau - challenge yourself
  • Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper techniques
  • Stay motivated and committed to your exercise program


Our Personal Trainer Will:  

  1. Design a customized workout plan for you.
  2. Select the appropriate weight for you.
  3. Assure you on proper form for injury prevention.
  4. Help you set realistic health and fitness goals.
  5. Keep you accountable for keeping a schedule and not missing your workout.
  6. Monitor your progress.
  7. Keep you motivated by reminding you of your progress and inspiring you with words of praise.


Benefits from Personal Training

  • Success is easier to achieve with professional guidance.

      •  Personal trainers can evaluate your fitness level and design an

          exercise program to meet your individual needs and interests.

      • Personal Trainers can teach you safe exercise technique from the start.

      • Personal Trainers can make changes to your program which helps    

         you progress successfully and safely.

      • Personal Trainers can teach you how to use the exercise equipment safely and efficiently.


Personal Training Rates

Individual Rates:                              Pair Rates:

Single Sessions: $25                        Single Sessions: $35

Two Sessions:     $45                        Two Sessions:    $60

Three Sessions:  $65                        Three Sessions: $80

Four Sessions:    $80                        Four Sessions:  $110

Five Sessions:   $100

Ten Sessions:    $200


Mini Sessions ( 30 Minute Sessions )

Five Sessions: $50

Ten Sessions: $100


*Each session consists of 1 hour of one-on-one personal training targeting areas of concern plus cardio. This hour is light to medium training.


A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that exercising with a personal trainer can improve your strength by up to 45% more than exercising without supervision and can help you achieve that goal up to 30% faster.


 Being the Best

The YMCA personal trainers are very knowledgeable. They understand basic cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness, incorporate safe movements and exercises into individual programs, try to prevent injuries by practicing sound teaching principles, and motivate participants at all skill and fitness levels. Each trainer implements the YMCA’s philosophy of helping each person achieve his or her personal best through sound training and educational programs. More and more Monroeville Area YMCA members, participating in exercise programs, are seeking personal attention, guidance, and coaching from caring, well-trained, and knowledgeable personal trainers. Our goal at the Monroeville Area YMCA is to provide you with outstanding personal trainers who can help you reach your fitness goals.


 Personal Trainer

 Stephanie Oliver








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