YMCA Miles High Club

The ymca miles high club


Become part of a new fitness tradition at the Monroeville Area YMCA.  The YMCA Miles High Club allows patrons to test their bodies and push themselves to the limit. After each workout, log your miles and have a YMCA staff member sign off.  Miles may be completed using any machine that tracks mileage: treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and arc trainers may be used.


THe YMCA Miles High club

  • Who is eligible?

           Any individual who has access to the wellness center can participate.

  • How to get started?

          Sign up at our member services desk and collect a logbook to keep track of your


  • What rules are associated with the YMCA Miles High Club?

           After each workout in the wellness center have an employee date or initial your


  • How long dose each session last?

          Each session last 3 months long. First session starting February 1st - April 30th

  • Maximum of 1 workout per day.


  • What are the incentive prizes?

          Completion of 100 miles - Lanyard

          Completion of 150 miles - Water Bottle

          Completion of 200 miles - Club T-Shirt

  • How do I collect my incentive prizes?

          At the end of the semester, all logbooks are collected. Participants will be

          contacted about when and where to claim prizes. Only one logbook per

          participant may be submitted during the length of the program. 


 Note: Group fitness classes do not count towards The YMCA Miles High Club workouts. 

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